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Prescription Medication
& Food Requests

​  Please be aware of our practice protocols when requesting repeat medications:

  • After placing a request please allow at least 2 working days (i.e. not including weekends) before collecting from your chosen surgery. This allows us time to review your pet’s clinical records to ensure the medication is still appropriate, time to physically prepare and package the medications, and to order the medication or product from our supplier if not currently in stock.

  • If your pet has not been seen within the last 3 months in relation to the condition being medicated, we may request that they are seen for a prescription check. This is to ensure that the type of medication and dose given are still appropriate, to monitor side effects, and to comply with our legal obligation that your pet is ‘under our care’ at the time medication is dispensed.

  • Please be advised that we do not routinely permit repeat prescription requests for antibiotics, or medicated ear drops.

  • Payment can be made over the phone on the day of collection, or in person at the time of collection.


You can also

Via the PetsApp app is now the easiest way to order repeat medications. Download and register for free to get started. You can even pre-pay through PetsApp for easy, swift collection of your pet's food or medication from our reception.

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