Mia’s Story

Mia – Donald the dermatologist’s dog

You may recognise Mia as a face of the SSPCA marketing campaigns including the video link below. She is the poor wee bald Staffie cross seen shaking 33 seconds into the video below. In 2009, my (Donald’s) wife was so upset after seeing photos of Mia and reading about how she was found abandoned in a terrible state in Glasgow, we had to try and help (she persuaded Donald to try and help). We took her for a trial weekend to see if she got on with the children and the rest of the pets and she has been with us ever since!

She was underweight, had severe ear and eye infections and had lost most of her hair due to scratching and untreated infections. After a lot of investigation she was found to have multiple allergies to dust mites, pollen and Malassezia yeast. After a long period of treatment including shampoo, ear drops, eye drops, immunotherapy allergy injections, antibiotics, cortisone and anti fungal tablets she made a steady improvement and has made herself very much one of the family – see photos below.

She will require lifelong treatment to keep her comfortable but it is good for me to ‘practice what I preach’ and try to remember the weekly shampoo, the daily ear drops and the monthly injections etc. It’s not always easy looking after a dog with chronic allergies but we love her to bits and couldn’t ask for a friendlier, loving dog. So, if you see the advert again on TV, don’t feel sad, she is living the life of Riley.

Mia post treatment

Mia post treatment

Mia before treatment

Mia before treatment

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